Consider it Pure Joy....James 1:2-4

About the 9474 Foundation


Why 9474?

The 9474 Foundation is the result of the grace of God in the lives of His people, most notably through the life of Phil Taylor.  Phil lived 9,474 days on earth, was given faith in Jesus Christ at his baptism and granted faith, love, family, friends and purpose for each of the 9,474 days he lived prior to having colon cancer end his earthly life.

Phil’s life and faith extended into many communities from his days at Orange Lutheran HS in Orange, California, to his time at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, through his work in sports broadcasting in the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex and while coaching at Prince of Peace Christian School in Carrollton, Texas. Throughout his 9,474 days, his attitude and effort was evident to all around him, and through his relationships, as he strove to do his best in any situation.

During his battle with cancer, his positive outlook and personal passion to assist others carried into various doctor’s offices and treatment facilities. His daily focus on God’s presence during each day of his life, and especially during the most difficult times, was a hallmark of how he was able to reach into so many lives by God’s grace. It is because of how God used Phil in the midst of his battle and provided for him each day that the 9474 Foundation was created, in order that we might be used by God to bring joy to someone in the midst of their trials.


Our Goals

  • Pray that God’s guidance and grace will be evident in the work and mission of the Foundation at all times and to His glory.

  • Continued fundraising, both privately and through public events, to build the core of our endowment fund to be utilized to help as many people as possible with the largest impact. 

  • Formalize relationships with Christian education institutions to determine scholarship needs and opportunities

  • Determine possible marketing and publicity needed to get information to young adults with colorectal cancer and methods for applications for grants

If you or anyone you know is interested in partnering with the 9474 Foundation, please contact us at

How God Used Phil to Reach Others


Former TCU walk-on Phil Taylor fighting stage 4 cancer | Fort Worth Star-Telegram | March 20, 2018

Tribute to Coach Taylor | Matthew Mitchell, Senior | 2018 Prince of Peace Christian School Football

Coach Taylor was the best coach and person I ever met. Every day he inspired me to be a better wide receiver and athlete, even in his own battle. Every day I had to watch him suffer, fight, and work past his own problems. But he never stopped smiling and having a good time. One of my favorite moments with Coach Taylor was the game against Nazarene Christian. We established a pass play during warm-ups that we didn’t even expect to use during the game. But in the first quarter I heard that play was the next play. And I was freaking out, because I really did think I was going to drop it. Mac threw a beautiful pass to me and I scored my first touchdown of the season. I went over to celebrate with Coach Taylor and I could tell he was in a ton of pain, but he made sure through all of that to hug me and tell me that he was proud of me. And after that game he never came back. I believe he would’ve been proud of all of us, and that all of his coaching paid off. He would’ve been proud to know that all of his receivers scored a touchdown. It was tough for all of us to move on and play without him. But we did everything for him, and made sure that we all played the best we could knowing he was always watching us.  

Former TCU football walk-on dies after fight with cancer | Fort Worth Star-Telegram | Sept. 26, 2018